Fits where

you need it.

Simple, healthy and

safe ventilation


STOPPY ® prevents doors and windows from slamming shut unintentionally.

It stays precisely where you place it – even in a strong draft. Enables fresh air circulation and a healthy room climate.


STOPPY keeps windows and all types of doors (room, entrance, balcony and terrace doors) open and can be used for any gap from 1 cm - to a maximum of 9 cm.


Thanks to its special "non-slip rubber coating", it grips perfectly onto any type of flooring (tiles, wood, carpet, marble and plastic/linoleum) and maintains its position. Even when there is a strong draft, it prevents doors and windows from slamming shut accidentally.


Lack of ventilation promotes mould formation. On the other hand, too much ventilation drives up energy costs. The solution: short, daily airing sessions save energy and costs while simultaneously ensuring a healthy room climate.


STOPPY®, the universal doorstop and window jam

Ventilate and

feel good!



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